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Assorted Update


Whittier Falls

Here's a sort of assortment of random images taken since last time. The first image here was taken back in late November up in New Hampshire. It's view looking down into a ravine where a small waterfall called Whittier Falls is located. It's part of the Castle in the Clouds property. On this particular day, it was a bit warm and there was a lot of fog which added an interesting element to the scene. Further downstream are two much larger waterfalls, but one of them doesn't photograph well despite being breathtaking, and the other is practically in a cave and very dark. I do plan to give another try with the latter one at some point.

Icy Trap Falls

Next, we have Trap Falls, which is not far from where I grew up. I've shot this one in warmer conditions but it's really quite something in the winter with just the right amount of ice. I feel like the shot I have here is the one I've wanted from the place for a while.

Andrews Point Sunrise

Much more recently, about a month ago I went to Rockport to check out a fairly obscure location. Andrews Point has space for maybe one or two vehicles to park, and a small public path to the rocky beach. I was very lucky to see what is possibly the best sunrise I've ever seen here.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

A couple weeks ago I also traveled down south to Rhode Island for a sunset. Castle Hill Lighthouse is on some really spectacular rock in Newport. Access is very easy, as the nearby Hotel permits parking at the end of the lot where the path is. If you decide to visit here, please be very respectful of their property and guests - it is rare for a private business to be so generous toward the interests of photographers like this.

I really need to update more frequently.

- Justin Smith

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