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Nickerson Beach, Quincy, MA


I feel like I'm productive lately. Here are some new images already. This past Saturday, I was able to revisit Nickerson Beach, in Quincy, MA, with a good friend of mine, Rich Williams. This is just south of Boston, and you can see the skyline quite easily from here. Nickerson Beach is rather unique among New England beaches for the type of rock present. The big rocks at the end of the point are made of puddingstone, which is like a natural concrete that contains smaller rounded stones embedded in it. Elsewhere on the beach, the bedrock is made of finely layered shale which is turned at an angle. This results in many fin-like protrusions among the pebbles.

The first image here is from very close to as far as you can go on the point at low tide. You can actually go a little further out but it was lacking in foreground out there.

Nickerson Beach 3

The second image is taken a bit further in from the point. Here I found the kind of foreground subject I like: a big seaweed-covered rock. The sunset reached peak color this time, and I was quite pleased that there was still some strong blue in the sky to complement the warm red light.

Nickerson Beach 4

Now that I just picked up a pair of waders, I'm hoping to hit waterfalls again soon!

- Justin Smith

Southern NH Waterfalls


A few weeks ago I went to visit a few waterfalls located in southern NH with a good friend mine, Chris Lazzery. The day called for cloudy skies with scattered rain throughout the day. Sounds perfect for waterfalls, right? Unfortunately, as is often the case, the weather report was quite wrong and there was a lot of sun to contend with.

You may not know this, but direct sunlight is the bane of waterfall photography. It turns churning water and wet rocks impossibly bright to deal with properly in most circumstances, and short of HDR you are left choosing between black shadows and white highlights.

The first shot I have from this trip was taken at the cascades at the bottom of the gorge that Senter Falls comes down through. Senter Falls doesn't have any individual falls of significant height, but the whole thing is a series of smaller drops and cascades. The area is well-shaded, fortunately. Still, there were a number shots I wanted to get here where it just wasn't working because of the sun on the water. This was a particular shot I got where I liked how the sunlight appeared in the scene.

Senter Falls Cascades

Next up, I have one from the impressive Lower Purgatory Falls. There is another waterfall on this brook a mile or two upstream, but I didn't have time for it this round. The sun was again an issue here. I ended up having to crop a bit off the top to keep out the glare of the bright sky. Fortunately, the waterfall itself and the brook were in the shade of the trees by this time of the day.

Lower Purgatory Falls

In other news, I've been slowly working on adding some long overdue features to the website. I have posted the first Event on the event page. I will be doing the craft fair at Tower Hill again this fall. The event used to be called Shades of Autumn but is now called Harvestival. Come by if you would like to buy some of my work, or if you would just like to say hello. More information on the events page.

Also I am working on adding website purchasing functionality. You may notice while looking at images on the site that you can now begin the process of selecting print sizes and print formats. However, you cannot actually order anything yet. I will continue working on this, but it is tedious for someone who is not a native computer programmer.

- Justin Smith

Return to Carlton Wharf


Back in 2009, I visited this part of East Boston with a group. The sky was overcast and foggy but it actually led to producing one of my most acclaimed images. Since then, I've wanted to return here; partly to get that sunset sky I wanted, but also because I've learned a great deal about photography since then. And, of course, I wanted the opportunity to have this scene at the higher resolution the D800 provides.

Carlton Wharf in East Boston

I have a whole series of waterfall shots coming in the near future, stay tuned.

- Justin Smith

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