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Aquinnah at Marthas Vineyard


A week ago, I got to visit the famous Martha's Vineyard. Although there is much to see on this island (including, at the time I was there, the President), I had planned ahead on focusing on one tiny, unique part of it. The southwest corner of the Island is the town of Aquinnah, also known as Gay Head. Here the land rises up high and then drops off suddenly to the beaches below. The cliffs here are made of clay of many different colors. From the beach, if you can find a spot where water is trickling down, it actually picks up the color of the clay it passes through.

Let's start with a blazing sunset. In fact, this is one of the very best sunsets I've ever had the luck to photograph. This was taken on the 2nd night on the beach below the cliffs. The sky initially looked like it was going to be a bum sunset, no light at all. Then this happened.

Amazing sunset on the beach

On the first evening, I had intended to photograph the Milky Way. However, the 3/4 Moon completely blocked out the Milky Way, and there was haze blocking the stars as well. Instead I found this interesting shot using the Moon.

Moon at Aquinnah

Earlier that evening, I was able to catch the last light of day on the lighthouse above the cliffs.

Aquinnah Lighthouse

These will mark the last of the selection of images I plan to introduce in print at the Tower Hill Harvestival in October. I do plan to have at least one more shoot before then, but there won't be time to print from that.

- Justin Smith

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