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New Work from Nahant


It has been a long time, but here is some new work finally. I have been quite busy with some other matters of life for much of last year, and I'm glad that my most recent photography adventure proved quite fortuitous. I traveled out to Nahant, MA. More specifically, a spot called Swallow Cave. This is a sea cave which has 2 openings to the ocean and 1 opening overhead. It's about a 4.5 mile walk from Lynn, which is about the only way to get here as there is no parking just about anywhere in Nahant except for residents.

So the first image here is actually the only one which shows the cave, as a dark opening on the left side of the wall here. What I was drawn to with this image was the way the sunlight, filtered through some thin clouds, was casting warm light on the rock face, as well as the waves coming in.

Swallow Cave near sunset

After this, I turned my attention for the rest of the evening to where the real show was happening. See, one thing I have learned is never trust the weather report. The forecast had called for all the clouds to disappear before the sunset, which would have made for a rather hum-drum spectacle. I had planned to shoot from inside the sea-cave originally, putting the attention on the waves crashing in and the way they picked up the light. Unfortunately for me, the sea cave is not easy to enter, and fairly impossible to enter when there is still water crashing inside. But there was a silver lining. A cloud front had appeared on the western horizon, moving rapidly. I used a long exposure with the fast movement to create the second image, which I processed as a black-and-white to enhance the contrast details.

B&W cloudstreaks overhead

Finally, the sun dropped below the horizon and illuminated the clouds with breathtaking color. It ended up being one of the finest sunsets I've seen, despite the no-clouds forecast! I managed to find a spot with some great wave action upon the jagged rocks for this final view.

Brilliant sunset over distant Boston

Thanks for checking back. Hopefully it will not take another 6 months before I have new work! And if you have been looking for the web purchasing options - sorry, I still have not coded that yet. But you can always email me if you want to buy a print.

- Justin Smith

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