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Some Coastal Stuff


Gooseberry Neck

The past couple weeks, I got to return to shooting some coastal locations in Massachusetts. First, I visited Gooseberry Neck (or Island), located in Westport, MA. This is a long peninsula with a boulder-strewn shore. It's one of the best places in New England to get a clear view over the water at sunset. I was treated to a sunset of hazy, soft-edged clouds that picked up the light nicely, as well as redirecting a lot of it around the scene.

Chandler-Hovey Park

More recently, I made a sunrise adventure to Marblehead. This is the 4th time I've visited this park, and it was by far the best. The sky just lit up in one of the best sunrises I've had the fortune of shooting so far.

- Justin Smith

Autumn Waterfall Wrap-Up


Senter Falls

Back during the first couple weeks of October, I took a trip up to the area of Southern NH around Lyndeborough. This area, despite not having any serious mountains, is a little bit of waterfall heaven. First, I revisited Senter Falls. Senter Falls is not a tall waterfall by any means. It's really just a long cascade down a hillside. However, it's quite pretty and the autumn leaves make it look even better.

Upper Purgatory Falls

Purgatory Falls was my next destination. I had visited the lower portion of this waterfall a little over a year ago, but wasn't able to find time that day for the upper part. This time I finally managed to check it out. What I found did not quite match what I've seen in photos. It turned out that the water levels were running much lower than normal. This ended up being a continuing problem throughout the day. Despite that, there was still a rather nice waterfall here plunging off a cliff into a gorge, and I was able to use the golden leaves floating in the pool below as a foreground.

Lower Purgatory Falls

I did get to visit the lower half as well, making this my 2nd revisit of the day. I do have an older shot from here that shows a powerful torrent of water. It was reduced to a trickling creek. This required a different composition than the previous time.

Garwin Falls

I had attempted to visit Garwin Falls once before with a friend of mine. We didn't find it that time, but this time I had better directions and found what is now my favorite waterfall in Southern NH. I have to assume that water conditions here were just as low as the other waterfalls, but it was adequate for this waterfall. The first image is similar to the view I've seen in many other shots from this place. The second shot is taken in a waist-deep pool below the falls, showing the full size and complexity of it. It is really a great waterfall.

Garwin Falls

After this, I had a couple unsuccessful attempts. First, I visited Tucker Brook Cascade. I have seen some pictures of a stunning waterfall here, but this one suffered more than any of the other waterfalls from low water. What I found was a mossy rock with barely a few trickles going over it. I'll have to come back to this one another time. Then, I attempted to find the elusive Batchelder Falls. I had a few clues of where this might be, but turned up nothing. I have never seen photos of it, and I'm actually not completely sure it exists.

- Justin Smith

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