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Wildflowers in New Hampshire


Jewels of the Forest

A couple weeks ago, I took an overnight trip up to New Hampshire with the intent of shooting the lupine flowers. The lupines were a bit lighter than usual at this time of the year, but I had amazing conditions at sunset.

Jefferson Wildflowers

However, the first image here is actually from earlier in the day, and of a patch of Lady's Slipper orchids over near Wildcat Mountain. This was found just after visiting Thompson Falls. If you decide to get a shot like this (although it's too late for this year now), please be very mindful about where you put your feet and tripod legs. These flowers are fragile.

Jefferson Wildflowers

The other two shots are taken from a spot in Jefferson, NH. This nice field had some lupines as well as some nice contrasting color in the wild parsnips.

I have one more post coming after this, featuring the waterfalls I visited on this trip. To come in the near future

- Justin Smith

Spring Waterfalls, Part 2


Royalston Falls

Here's part 2 of my waterfall weekend from a few weeks ago. First up is Royalston Falls, the 3rd significant waterfall in the town of Royalston. This is the tallest one around for quite a distance, and it plunges into a deep gorge unlike anything else in the area. I have been here before, but this view is a new one for me, and it involved some dangerous but very careful scrambling to get to. Every other view from the top of the gorge obstructs a large part of the falls, and from the bottom you can't really get a sense of the place.

Trap Falls

Trap Falls is another place I have been before. This is probably the waterfall worth visiting that is closest to Boston, located in Willard Brook State Park in Ashby/Townsend area. For this shot, I got into the brook, and almost lost my camera in the process. Scary experience.

Bears Den

And with Bears Den, we have yet another place I revisited. Bears Den is quite small by waterfall standards, really just a tumbling cascade, but the spiraling pool below is one of the best I've ever found.

Roaring Brook Falls

Finally, a new location: Roaring Brook Falls. This is north of Amherst. It's a pretty unique waterfall made up of two graceful punchbowl-style falls.

Well, that's it for this update. I do have more material waiting, including some spectacular scenes of lupine fields and mountains in New Hampshire, followed by MORE waterfalls.

- Justin Smith

Spring Waterfalls, Part 1


Doanes Falls Upper Tier

A little over a week ago, I spent the whole weekend shooting waterfalls. The leaves were bright green everywhere, and with recent rain I knew the falls would be good. And it turned out I was very lucky in weather conditions, never any direct sun.

Doanes Falls Downstream

My first destination was in Royalston, MA. In fact, all the shots taken in this post are from Royalston. Royalston, though it has no high mountains (even by Massachusetts definition), is kind of a mini-hotspot of waterfalls in the state. First up is Doanes Falls. I've been here before, a couple years ago, with the old camera.

Spirit Falls

There are actually quite a few sections worthy of note to this waterfall downstream. I was able to capture an interesting shot of the second tier, taken from downstream. However, the other two did not work out. One of them has poor viewing, and the final plunge, which is the most impressive of them all, was blowing some strong spray. Even far downstream there was a constant wind filled with mist. All the shots I got from there were blurry.

A small cascade upstream

After this I visited a place I've never been to in Royalston, called Spirit Falls. This is a brook that runs down a steep hillside in the woods. At it's best, it gets very steep and the brook actually becomes a waterfall.

Another smaller cascade

While the main cascading plunge was nice, I actually found that some of the smaller cascades upstream were a bit more photogenic.

And that's it, until I post the other half from the weekend. One other thing to note: I have finally added web ordering! You can now add prints to the cart and submit an order request.

- Justin Smith

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