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One new image and some news


Ethan Pond

A few weeks ago I took a trip up to NH to stay overnight at Ethan Pond. There was a pretty nice sunset there, seen here.

In other news, just a reminder that I'll be attending "Artisan Weekend" at Tower Hill Botanical Garden on October 4-5. You'll be able to purchase prints here. Or you can just stop by to say hello!

- Justin Smith

Spring Waterfalls, Part 3


Crystal Cascade

I've taken a long time getting around to it, but here are the remaining images from my weekend of fun back in June.

Thompson Falls

First, I returned to one of New Hampshire's truly great waterfalls, Crystal Cascade. This is one you see on the way up to Tuckerman Ravine if you are climbing Mount Washington. I had previously gotten a shot of this one in black & white, but wanted something in color, so here it is.

Thompson Falls, side view

The next two shots are from Thompson Falls. I had seen pictures of this interesting waterfall on several websites and was really looking forward to seeing it. It's pretty interesting. Most waterfalls in New England don't have this kind of overhang. After getting a typical front view, I wanted to get something a little more unique from the side.

Mossy Glen

Last up, I visited Mossy Glen, located in an out-of-the-way spot just north of Mount Adams. It's a much more humble waterfall than the other two, but I found the place beautiful and the shot from there is one of my favorites from that day.

I'll have a couple interesting images from overnight trips in the White Mountains coming soon.

- Justin Smith

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