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Spring and Summer Waterfalls


Tucker Brook Falls

It has been a long time since I last updated this website. Here are some new images from back in June: five waterfalls from New Hampshire. The first waterfall here is Tuckerbrook Falls, located in Wilton, NH. The first time I went here, the waterfall ended up being all dried up. I had much better results this time. This shot also demonstrates that it is possible to shoot waterfalls on a sunny day, even with the sun striking the falls, and still end up with a good result. But it usually doesn't work this well.

Pulpit Falls

Next up is Pulpit Falls, a small but elegant waterfall near the MA/NH border. Like the previous one, I had to deal with sunlight for this waterfall. Fortunately, the light was actually quite magical, and I came away with a shot unlike any I've seen from here before.

Glen Ellis Falls

Glen Ellis Falls is one I've been to before, and it's a magnificent and well-known waterfall, but the results the first time didn't work out so well. The trouble with Glen Ellis is that the spray at the bottom is very powerful, and the gorge walls direct the spray into the viewing area at the base. My lens got fogged up very quickly and it was impossible to get the shot there. However, there is a decent view higher up that avoids the spray, and this is where this shot was taken.

Erebus Falls

Erebus Falls is the middle waterfall of a set of waterfalls called Triple Falls. These waterfalls are located on Townline Brook, which is found off Dolly Copp Road on the northeast side of Mount Madison. This was the only one of the three that I found made for an excellent image.

Hitchcock Falls

Finally, here is Hitchcock Falls. This is the 3rd waterfall listed for Bumpus Brook, also on the northern side of Mount Madison. The other falls on this brook didn't impress me much, but I might take a look at them again some other time.

- Justin Smith

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