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VT & NH Autumn Trip, Part 5


The Flume

This will be a short update. On the final day of my trip up to VT and NH, I revisited a few places I had been before. However, I only have one shot from the day that I'm really happy with enough to offer. The Flume is a large gorge formed by an eroded basalt dike, located in Franconia Notch just off Rt 93 in NH. There are several waterfalls in the park as well. It is one of the only places in The White Mountains that you have to pay to get into, but it is worth the visit.

Monadnock Autumn

I have one other image I've decided to tack onto this update. A week after my trip, I went to Perkins Pond in southern NH for a sunrise attempt, which actually came out pretty nice. Mount Monadnock rises behind the pond. This was taken during peak foliage conditions in mid-October.

- Justin Smith

VT & NH Autumn Trip, Part 4


It's been a bit of break since the last update. I have been quite busy working on the website. There are quite a few new changes which you have probably already noticed if you visit regularly. The site is a bit cleaner-looking, and now displays properly in smart-phones. In addition, I have added a new section for photography dedicated to people and pets. This is a client-based section, where instead of browsing galleries you can schedule private sessions with me to obtain portraits of you, family, or pets.

Ripley Falls

Okay, let's get back to business. Starting on Day 5, I revisited a dramatic waterfall called Ripley Falls. This one comes down in a sheet over a tall smooth cliff. I didn't like the previous shot I had gotten here a few years ago, but this one worked much better.

Colosseum Falls

After that, I headed down the road a little ways on Rt 302 to hike up the Arethusa Falls Trail. This is a great trail with three worthy waterfalls to visit. First, you come to Colosseum Falls, which is misnamed in the sign nearby. This is a very small waterfall, with the most interesting component being even smaller than the main waterfall at the scene. Here, the water runs over some terraced ledges that form a horseshoe shape.

Bemis Brook Falls

Upstream a little ways is a series of cascading falls called Bemis Brook Falls. This one is also misnamed in the sign - basically they swapped the signs around and it's been like that for years and nobody seems inclined to fix it. This one actually resulted in one of my favorite shots from the day.

Arethusa Falls

Finally, at the end of a long uphill slog, I arrived at Arethusa Falls. This is the third time I've been here, and I think I finally got the shot I want. The sun was thankfully not hitting the falls. I put on my waders and set up in front of a smaller cascade. There were a lot of people here, as usual, so I set up to take multiple shots at the same settings so that I could easily remove these people by combining the shots together.

Rocky Gorge

After this, I began to run out of time for my other plans, so I headed to the campground on the Kancamagus Highway, and then went back out just before dark to another spot I've been to previously, Rocky Gorge. This one is always loaded with people, but it wasn't so bad since it was started to get into the evening, and by the time I set up, everyone was gone. This also had some of the best fall colors I saw on the whole trip.

- Justin Smith

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