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Western MA Autumn Trip, 2015


Finally, here is the update that includes the last of the images taken in 2015. Following my epic VT & NH trip, I did a 2 day trip into western MA with my girlfriend, visiting many waterfalls I had previously visited but wanted another try at, as well as a couple I had never been to before.

The first one we went to was Campbell Falls, located pretty much on the border of MA and CT. The last time I went to this waterfall a few years ago, I ran into problems with the sun. Unfortunately, the same thing happened this time as well. I was able to get a shot out of it, but not one I'm putting up for sale. I will have to make a 3rd attempt at it some other time.

Race Brook Falls

After that I made a return to Race Brook Falls. I consider this one of the best in the state, being comprised of several significant falls stacked in a row on the steep slopes of a mountain. The first image here is of the bottom-most section, which is reached after a fairly short hike. The second section is of another waterfall well above this, which requires a rather tiring uphill hike. There are more sections beyond, but they are much smaller and I haven't visited them.

Race Brook Falls

Bash Bish Falls

The next day, we made an early start after spending the night in Great Barrington. We headed straight for the famous Bash Bish Falls, which is probably the most well-known waterfall in the state. It is for a good reason. This waterfall is visually stunning, and definitely one of my favorites in New England. I took several images of this, and the conditions were perfect. I have both a version highlighting the Autumn colors, as well as a dramatic black and white image.

Bash Bish Falls

Autumn Road

Aside from waterfalls, I took a break during the drive to photograph a classic scene, an empty road lined by brilliantly colored trees. Following that, we headed north to Lulu Falls. This one did not work out well at all. The water flow was barely a trickle, and the sun had come out. This is a very small waterfall and I'm not sure I'll revisit it.

Haley Brook Falls

Finally, we headed to the northwestern corner of the state to check out Haley Brook Falls. This was better than I expected. The short trail takes you to a well-constructed observation platform looking down into the ravine. Unfortunately, this view of the waterfall is partially blocked by trees. Following advice I read online regarding this one, I backtracked to a place where I could access the ravine, and hiked up in my waders. From here I was able to come away with a clear shot that also included some swirling leaves.

And that's a wrap for 2015. I need to get out and shoot some new stuff.

- Justin Smith

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