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2017 Autumn Waterfalls and more


I know it's been a while. But I have some big changes to announce, and more to come in the future. First, I have a new section to my website for workshops. You can now have me take you somewhere for sunset or sunrise, or for a day of waterfalls. I'll provide guidance on setting up the shot and you can also get post-processing help. I've also temporarily deactivated the portraits section. That's going to come back in a few months. There will also be a section for art fairs, starting some time in 2018.

The Dance

I also have a few new images to show, taken back a couple weekends ago from Western Massachusetts during the foliage season. I revisited Twin Cascade, which is a very scenic pair of waterfalls deep in the gorges near Mohawk Trail State Forest. It's one of the most beautiful areas of the state, I highly recommend visiting some time. I dealt with challenging sun the whole time I was here, but I did come away with one shot I was particularly fond of. This is the left falls. Water levels were also very low, but in this case I was able to find an interesting composition.

Stafford Brook Falls

I love finding obscure waterfalls. This one isn't that well-known, and the road is pretty rough getting to it. Once you park, it's extremely easy, being directly downstream of where the brook goes under the road. Again, low water levels affected this waterfall quite a bit. Normally the brook splits into two plunges side-by-side, but in this case the right side was nearly dry, so I focused on getting close the side that was still running, as well as the gorgeous moss covering the rocks and dotted with fallen leaves. The light had gotten interesting when I was here and I think I was able to make it work quite well. I did not expect much when I was here, but I came away with an image that has gotten me a surprising amount of positive feedback from social media.

That's it for now. The Services section is my next project, but I will try hard to get more landscape work done before the end of the year.

- Justin Smith

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