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Print Information

I offer all images in Limited Edition only. That means when they run out, no more will be printed. So if there is a particular image you see that you have to have, I recommend buying it while you can. I do my Limited Editions a little bit differently from some photographers, in that I have different edition sets for each size. This is to allow people to purchase smaller and less expensive options while making sure that an image purchased in the largest size is a truly unique piece of work. To order a print, click on any image in any gallery and you will see several options to print. Please note that this only submits a request to buy to me. You will not be able to pay for the print until I send you an invoice.

I have greatly streamlined the printing options. I am no longer offering framed prints. If you wish to frame a print, I recommend seeking the services of a professional framer.

Inkjet is the standard print method, used most commonly by photographers around the world. I use a combination of inks and paper that guarantees image integrity for over 100 years provided the image is treated well by the owner (direct sun and heat is bad for prints of all kinds). Inkjet prints come with a standard white mat.

Canvas is another good affordable option, and is printed onto a cloth-canvas material stretched over a wooden frame. This is actually the best way to purchase a smaller-sized print that is ready to hang. It does not need a frame.

Larger prints are offered only in highest quality printing methods, which does require significant expenses. I no longer offer Metal Prints, as I don't think there is any need to. All large prints are available now in Lumachrome with a 1/8 inch Acrylic front.

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