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Sign up for one of my 1-on-1 workshops to learn how I do photography, and to help you learn to develop your own style. My workshops cover how to choose the best settings on your camera to capture the scene, how to see the scene to find the best compositions, and processing the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. Read on to find out about the three different types of workshops I run, as well as the optional post-processing add-on.

You can also download my Workshop Handbook for reference. Check the calendar link above to find available times.

Sunrise/Sunset Workshops

I love getting out and clicking the shutter under the magic of a brilliant sunset or sunrise at some beautiful rugged beach or serene lake. These workshops tyically require a couple hours on-location, as well as traveling time before and after. If you've opted for the optional post-processing session, then plan for another hour or two. Sunrises and sunsets are good for shooting any time of the year. On most beaches, the tidal changes clear the waterfront of snow such that it can be difficult to even notice that a sunset beach photo was taken in the winter. One advantage of shooting in the winter is that sunrise is much later in the morning, requiring less of an early rise.

Price: $90.00

Add Post-Processing Session: +$50.00

Waterfall Workshops

Waterfalls workshops are quite different from the sunrise/sunset ones. Plan for an all-day event in this case. Normally we'll visit a couple waterfalls and shoot for much of the day with a break for lunch somewhere. Afterwards, you can add on a post-processing session, which I recommend. Some waterfalls are difficult to access, and getting to them can take up much of the workshop time. There are certain times of the year that this workshop is best: during the spring when snowmelt from the peaks is filling the brooks, during the fall when there are often autumn foliage colors framing the scene, and during the winter when some waterfalls become framed in thick ice on the sides.

Price: $330.00

Add Post-Processing Session: +$50.00

2-Day Workshops

For the truly adventurous, I offer a two-day workshop. This is not simply combining multiple sunrise/sunset workshops together. The purpose of this workshop is for locations that are too remote to be accessed without camping out somewhere. Perhaps you want to shoot sunset from the summit of West Bond; this would be very unreasonable to do as a day hike as it would require a long hike out in the dark. An efficient use of this type of workshop would be using the other time of the day to locate waterfalls on the path to the destination for sunrise or sunset. For these workshops you have to be prepared for carry a heavy pack and hike a longer distance. Price includes meals. See the Handbook linked above for more information.

Price: $750.00

Post-Processing Session: included


For all of my workshops, you have the option to work with me in post-processing an image or two. We'll select the best image from the shoot and I'll explain how to process it first in Lightroom, and then in Photoshop where the bulk of the work is done. The finished file will be uploaded to a private dropbox for you to download onto your own computer at home.

Price: $50.00

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